Buy new phone 7 tips if you have children

Buying a new phone? 7 tips if you have children!

More and more people are buying a new phone online, without going to the phone store. After all, it’s not that hard? Still, a new phone can be a big misbuy if you’re not careful.

For example, these are 7 things to look out for if you have kids and you’re due for a new phone.

1.Is it waterproof?

Trust me: if you have kids you’ll want a waterproof phone too. Accidents do happen. Drinking a cup that falls over. Or a phone that will ‘swim’ in the toilet bowl.

That kind of mishap. And that’s why the first thing you pay attention to with your new phone is that it’s waterproof. New models usually are, but always check again.

At Apple all models starting with the iPhone 7 are fully waterproof.

2. Determine your budget

You will soon be tempted to spend more than you intended. And so it is good to set a budget in advance. Want to buy a nice iPhone, for example? Then you can buy the iPhone SE. This is a new model using the same processor as the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max.

The phone has almost the same features, but is a whole lot cheaper. The iPhone SE is a phone that is technically strong but still affordable for people with a smaller budget.

3. Reliability

Pay attention to the reliability of the phone. You can look up the specs of each phone. Go for a model with good hardware that gives you coverage almost everywhere. Your range depends on the chips in your phone and of course on your provider. For example, the iPhone SE has great coverage, but if you have a bad carrier you can still have “holes” in the network.

So it’s best to choose a combination that ensures you can make calls anywhere and access the Internet virtually anywhere.

4. Robustness of the model

More and more phones have a screen than is curved around the corners of the model. That looks great, but it also makes the phone more vulnerable. And since your phone will fall faster if you have children, you better go for a model whose screen is not curved over the corners.

Go for a rugged model that can take a beating.

5. Buy a phone with protection

If you buy a phone you can order all kinds of items with it. Two things are an absolute must if you’re a mom: a screen protector and a case. Screen protector protects the screen if dropped or scratched.

A case is a must because it protects the edges and corners of your phone. Which case you choose depends on your own preference: there are all kinds of shapes and sizes out there.

6. Good camera

Of course you want to record all your child’s highlights. And how annoying if your phone turns out to have a bad camera! Pay attention to the number of pixels in the camera: the higher the better. Many cameras have additional features, such as taking good pictures and movies when the phone is moved.

A good camera also allows you to do all kinds of fun camera games with your kids and family!

7. Phone insurance

A new smartphone is not given away for free. And so phone insurance comes in handy. It is usually valid for 2 years, but longer terms are also possible. Then, if the phone breaks within the term, it will be repaired for free or you will get a new one for free.

And with kids around, that’s pretty handy!

Buying a new phone is something you want to think about beforehand. Because it’s quite expensive, you obviously don’t want to risk a bad buy. If you pay attention to these 7 things, you are well prepared, at least as a mother.

So you have a phone with which little can go wrong. And if it still goes wrong, the insurance will make sure you do not have extra costs.