Learning to type at the typing garden

Learn to type at the typing garden

A course learning to type blind, for both children and adults. This can be done at The Typing Garden. Would you like to take a typing course?

From the 1st of October the typing garden also starts the classroom lessons again.

Learning to type with The Type Garden

When choosing a typing course, it’s important to pick one that appeals to you. Learning to type blind is really a ‘must’ and make sure you enjoy doing this. Here at home we have experience with LOIKidzz. and those of the Typetuin.

The story

The online course of The Typetuin is all about beating the reading eating plant. As the children learn to type they make sure that codes and stories are not eaten by this carnivorous plant. By learning to type better and faster with ten fingers, they beat the plant.

You learn this by doing exercises specially applied to level.

The typing garden:

  • The typing garden lasts 14 weeks
  • You have one year to complete the diploma
  • Recommended to practice every day 2 x 15 minutes.
  • Masking stickers are sent home.


When you sign up, you get an email on the date you start. From that moment you can log in. You first watch the introduction videos and instructions on the correct sitting posture and then start with level 1. The course is divided into 8 different levels. In between you unlock games and get prizes. After two days he received the stickers, which you stick on the keys to really ‘blind’ typing.

The youngest tries to practice twice every day for fifteen minutes and so far that is going fine. Every week I get an email with his report card, in which I can see how he has done.

It takes some getting used to

I find it takes some getting used to. The oldest had 100 lessons to complete at LOIKIDzz, so I knew exactly where he was at that point in the course. At the Typetuin this goes differently. You practice a level until you master it well.

Meanwhile, you can already unlock the next level and practice with this. The results are in the report. Maybe you should steer your children a bit more so that they don’t want to continue et fast, but master one level first before they continue.


What are the benefits of this typing course?

  • the mail contact with the typing garden is super good and fast
  • this typing course is also for children with dyslexia for example
  • The typing lessons adapt to the typing level of your child
  • strong motivation for children through the many game elements
  • a challenging, child-friendly and fun learning environment
  • Experienced typing coaches guide every student
  • After completing levels you unlock games (which is a very nice reward)

Learning to type blind for adults

I sometimes envied the boys, seeing how quickly they learned to type with ten fingers and blind. Also the oldest really benefited super much from the course he did. Because of their experiences I thought more and more about starting a course too.

I type all day long but I don’t type blind or with ten fingers.

Online or classroom

At The Typing Garden you can also follow a typing course as an adult. Both online and in class. I decided two weeks after my son started the typing course myself. This in the context of optimize your blog site and learn to type faster right away. I signed up, paid and could start right away It is very stimulating for the son, that his mother also has to practice and I can tell you, it is not that easy.

I am very glad that I made this decision, not only because I now understand my son well, but also because I can already see that I am benefiting from it.

Get a good fast computer

As a tip, I want to give children a good and fast computer as well. You can also have them practice on your computer, but remember that there will be stickers on the keys. If you can’t type blind, it can be tricky.

Last year the eldest started on an old laptop of mine. However, this one was so slow and jammed too often, so the fun of typing quickly disappeared. Because they have to do more and more school assignments on the computer, we bought a new laptop at the end of the last school year.

This one is fast and it certainly increases the boys’ enthusiasm for typing.

Demo version

In case you have now become curious about The Typing Garden. On the site you can take a look and do an exercise yourself. Go to the Typetuin site and log in to the demo version.