A new cocktail in the house every month

A new cocktail at home every month, with the New York Cocktail box

Cocktails. Do you ever make them? The other day I already shared two cocktail recipes on my blog featuring Quevedo port.

And after tasting these, I actually wanted more. With the New York Cocktail Box this went very easily. With this you can make the most delicious and trendy cocktails at home every month.

Wine and beer

I never liked cocktails before. I actually drink more beer and wine. Until I recently discovered the cocktails with port and now I actually appreciate cocktails more and more.

So it was nice when I heard that I got to test the cocktail box from New York Cocktail Box.

How the cocktail box works

Who doesn’t know him, the famous scene from Cocktail. The movie in which Tom Cruise is practicing with the cocktail shaker? Think of this and then New York. New York, the world city of cocktails. Now you can start your own cocktail bar in your own home.

This is possible thanks to the New York Cocktail Box. Every month they release a box, with the ingredients and recipe from New York’s best bartenders. Through a presentation he shows you how he makes his cocktail, this gives you the opportunity to take over the recipe and enjoy a New York cocktail in your own home.

What did the test panel think of the cocktail Bitters&Berries

I got the New York Cocktail Box for the cocktail Bitters&Berries to make. With the Bitters&Berries the bartender wants to celebrate the transition from summer to fall. To do this he chose Gin as the base for his creation, one of his favorite flavors, Campari and Muroise liqueur to create a light compound flavor Combined with citrus fruits.

I received the box with all the ingredients for a cocktail. Both drinks, fruits and measuring cups were present. There was a bill with the box, with the right amounts of what to use. Now the husband and I are not experienced in making cocktails. I followed exactly the steps as indicated with the box.

The first time I put in too many drops of Bitters Angostura, which made the cocktail very bitter. I then added a little squeezed orange, which slightly neutralized the bitter taste. The second evening I was the manager and the cocktail was delicious.

It was super fun to make and the taste was surprisingly delicious!

Choose your own subscription

Would you like to try this box for yourself? On the New York Cocktail Box site you can choose your own subscription. The site is still only in French, but is easy to understand. The box costs one time 34,90.

But if you want it for 6 months it’s €25.90 a month.