Knitting a sweater higher math

Knitting a sweater higher math

Knitting a sweater is higher math. Or knitting a sweater is Abracadabra. That might be a better description in this case.

Because holy moly, how hard it is to follow and understand the patterns.

Knitting a sweater

After knitting and crocheting scarves, hats and stuffed animals it is now time for the real work. Knitting a sweater for myself. In the Simply knitting of April/May 2016 the front page features a short sweater by Rita Taylors.

The description says ‘a fun challenge for all knitting fans’. Nice first project, I thought. Until I went to read the pattern on. ‘Samenbr’, I remember. ‘Cover and ssk’, I really had to check a You-Tube movie for that ( long live the internet!).

knitting a wave pattern

It was about the so-called wave pattern and finally I had this pattern clear. Made a test piece, pulled out the work, decided to buy other wool, started again and pulled out again. Yep. After 8 rows I found out that I had 102 stitches instead of 101. I counted and counted and counted again.

Yes really 102 stitches.

I did exactly what it said anyway

But I did exactly what it said, knitting a tui is not that difficult? . I wrote it out, even thought about it at night and suddenly I saw it. When I followed the pattern as described I still came out that stitch more. This because in the last few stitches, I decreased one stitch, but increased two stitches in return.

Well and then you come out uneven. Okay, I knew this and now what?? I called my saving angel again. Yes Mothers.

She told me not to take the pattern too seriously and put my own spin on it.

Getting started

Okiedo. And so I went back to work knitting a sweater. This time for real. The last stitch I do on my own initiative. The sweater will be finished by next summer.

But that can't spoil the fun! And next year….Then I'll laugh at patterns like this and knit a sweater like it's nothing, mark my words.

Do you knit? And do you get scared when you see the description and do you actually give up??