Getting an office in your home

Getting an office in your home, here’s what to look out for

Working from home is ideal. I think! More and more people are working from home. If only one day a week. When you work from home, it’s nice to have your own workspace or office.

But how to get your own office in the house?


From Wednesday I am self employed again. For years I had a practice as a weight consultant, but I had quit this at the end of 2017. After two years of being a stay-at-home mom with a blog, I have now re-registered at the chamber of commerce and go through life as a blogger.

Of course, I optimized my blog site first and in the meantime I figured it was time to start thinking about creating my own workstation or office.

Your own workplace

When I stopped my practice I got more time to blog. At first I also did this at the dining table. When the boys came home for dinner at noon, I’d clean up the mess and put everything back in later. I wanted my own place in the house where I could work.

Now there is no room free in the house where I could make an office and besides, I actually liked sitting downstairs in the living room as well. After all, during the day I am home alone. I bought a desk and created my own workspace.

Office at home

But if you want your own office at home, how do you do it? Do you have the space and where do you want to sit?? For me, my desk is really a godsend.

Because I am downstairs I chose a desk that matches the interior in the living room. ’s evenings I want my workspace tidy and for this reason chose a desk with drawers. If you have an office upstairs in one of the rooms, or if you have space that you can close off, it doesn’t have to be in itself.

How to create your own office

What do you need to create your own workspace or office at home.?First consider where you want to keep office and then look further: