Mistakes with paint That’s how you fix them

Mistakes with painting? That's how you solve it!

Does your house need to be painted? Have the kids used the white wall as drawing paper or do you want a fresh summer look in your home. Then painting the wall is the solution, but how do you do this without making mistakes?

What happened to my wall

Doing odd jobs in your new house. Or could your house use some redecorating? Maybe the kids have been using the wall as drawing paper.

Suddenly you get the itch and want to paint the room.

Painting the wall

Spring is almost here and nothing is as nice as freshening up the house with a spring clean. But for many people this is not enough. Who wants to move furniture, a new rug or maybe a new couch. But what do we do with the unexpected drawing of the children that we don't want in the living room?!

To attack these beautiful works of art you can use Sikkens paint, here you can find the most beautiful paint colors for the room.

But how do you paint flawlessly

Now that the kids know not to go near the wall with the markers, it's time to get paint and get to work. You can make some mistakes when painting. This sucks, you do your best and then the result is not beautiful. To avoid this now the best thing.