Which smartphone suits me Here’s what to look out for

Which smartphone suits me? Here’s what to look for

Why do you have that particular brand of cell phone? Is that a conscious choice, did you fall for the brand or did you look at the operating system? Why do we choose a brand and why are we often so brand loyal when it comes to phones?.

Which smartphone suits me? Since no two people are alike, here’s a question we can all wonder about.

Which smartphone suits me

Do you want a mobile phone that fits in your handbag, or do you prefer a phone that is large enough to read without reading glasses and, more importantly, on which you can watch movies or work properly?? Do you only want to use your phone on the phone or do you expect your smartphone to help you with everything all day long?. Which smartphone suits me, my lifestyle, my interests?

What kind of user are you

Looking around me you can almost split the group of mobile users into two groups. The group who buy Samsung and the Apple fans. People who prefer working with Android, Word and Excel and the group who like to have IOS, Pages and Numbers on their phone.

The choice in cell phones is of course enormous and not only in the operating system you may be used to, but also the size of the screens, the memory, the camera function, etc.

What type of smartphone will you choose

Do you want a big phone, on which you can work, read all your messages, take pictures’or do you choose a handy model? Which smartphone suits you is very dependent on your use, but also whether you always take a bag with you when you go out. Does your phone fit in the pocket of your pants or do you opt for accessories for your mobile such as a phone case?

What to look out for when making your choice

  • The size of your smartphone. Would you like a larger device because it is so convenient, but you do not have the space in your bag or pocket, then a folding phone (such as the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4) is ideal. It takes up little space, but you can still watch Netflix or follow a Zoom meeting.
  • Do you want a phone with 4g or 5g.
  • Do you go for Android or Apple operating system.
  • Do you use your cell phone for calling and internet or is it also your camera, radio etc.

Will you stay brand loyal or can you switch?

Whatever brand of smartphone you choose and whether you buy the same brand every time or a new brand every time, before you buy, look carefully to see what suits you. Look at what you use your phone for, what is best readable for you, but also look at the keyboard (some people have thicker fingers than others), look at how much memory you want and at the speed. Advantage is, for everyone there is a suitable phone to find.