4 types of indoor plants for your home

4 types of houseplants that should not be missing in your interior

Nowadays it is very popular to fill your home with plants. They provide tremendous atmosphere and also improve air quality. But maybe you know the feeling: you are in the plant department and you have no idea what to buy. There’s so much choice! In this article you can read which species house plants You could choose.

Choose green in your home

Houseplants come in all shapes and sizes and if you are enthusiastic about plants, it is a good idea to find out which plants will thrive in your home before you buy them. Because you have a lot of sun in your house? Have dark corners where you would like to put a plant? Where you put which plant and what care they need is important for a green interior. But which houseplants should not be missing in your interior??

Small house plants

The name says it all; small houseplants keep a modest size. Of course, especially if you take good care of them, they will grow more and fuller leaves. Because these plants do not grow very large, they are very suitable for placing on side tables, coffee tables or the windowsill. Examples of small houseplants are the Bonsai Ficus, the shade plant (Calathea) and the Clusia. Furthermore, if you are looking for smaller plants, you can also go for succulents or a nice cactus.

Large house plants

Of course, there are also houseplants that can grow considerably in size. These are often plants with large, green leaves. You will probably also have to repot these plants regularly because the roots can grow in their search for sufficient moisture. Large houseplants are especially suitable for giving a bare corner more atmosphere or simply as an eye-catcher in a room. Large Houseplants Include The Monstera, The Bird of Paradise and the Banana Plant.

Hanging plants

The nice thing about hanging plants is that they grow downwards. This can create a nice playful effect in your interior if you place them on a cupboard or in a nice hanging flowerpot by the window. There are many different types of hanging plants; think of the pea plant, Hedera (ivy), Tradescantia or the Saw cactus. Especially if you like a bohemian or vintage/retro interior, it is nice to buy hanging plants; in the sixties and seventies houses were full of them!

Flowering house plants

Green houseplants are beautiful, but of course you also want some color in your home sometimes. In that case you can still opt for flowering houseplants; these are plants with a flower. Examples are the Orchid, the flamingo plant, lipstick plant or the Christmas cactus. Keep in mind that flowering houseplants need a little more attention to make their flowers look beautiful! No Green Fingers? Nowadays you have beautiful, realistic artificial plants with flowers!

Choose your plant

My house has gone from being plant-free to having lots of houseplants. I have talked myself into having a green thumb and I must say now that I have chosen plants that fit into my interior they actually (with a few exceptions) continue to grow and bloom well. It is important that you consciously place plants in a place where they can thrive. But if you give them the attention and love they deserve, you will see that plants can survive in your interior as well and it really gives atmosphere to your home.