Toddler talk with the necessary brainteasers

Toddler talk with the requisite brain teasers

I regularly marvel at our toddler’s pronunciations and train of thought. So we often have deep conversations when we’re in the car for a long time. The little man sees all sorts of things on the road and then all sorts of questions come to mind.

During the last long car ride, our son had a lot of toddler talk and I had some brainteasers to deal with. Of course an appropriate answer was expected immediately. I can always greatly enjoy our little man’s toddler talk.

Read along?

Toddler talk

During a long car ride, weather phenomena in particular were discussed. It was quite cloudy and it also rained occasionally. ‘Mommy, when does rain turn into ice cream?’. ‘Why you can’t see the clouds when it’s dark?’‘Why does the sun go away when it gets dark?’
These and more such questions came up. I had to crack things up to give an appropriate answer. With a simple ‘therefore’ I did not get away with it. The steam came out of my ears when I thought back to my geography and physics lessons in high school.

I never paid very close attention in school so I really had to make an effort. Fortunately, apparently some things had stuck and I was able to explain the first two questions simply. Answering the question about the sun got a little trickier. I replied that the sun went down and then the moon shows up. That it will be dark outside because the sun has set.

A pondering face accepted the answer.

Another topic the toddler finds quite fascinating is electricity. On the way we regularly passed a couple of windmills. Again and again I have to explain to him that the windmills generate electricity and that we can turn on the lights in the house because of that.

Once home this was apparently still in his head and came the next question; ‘Mommy, how does the power go through the vacuum cleaner?’ Pff, another’s brain teaser. What you can’t even think about when you’re three.

Tuesday he also had wonderful toddler talk. We were having breakfast and in the meantime we watched a movie on TV. Mister came up to me and asked; ‘Mommy, did your belly break when my sister came out?’ Uh yes.. Then explain how I worked the baby out without scaring him or giving an incomplete answer. ‘Did she then get off your ass?’ I had to laugh at this anyway and gave him a response; ‘yes something like that’. Nice pedagogy but he happily settled for this!

I got out of that one nicely.

Do your kids ever have those pressing but complicated questions? What do you do with that?

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