The latest trendy essentials for a perfect beach day

The latest hip essentials for a perfect beach day

The sun has come through again and so it is time for a great beach day again. But what to bring? There are more useful products these days than you think to get you through your beach day well. This article tells you which new hip essentials to bring along for a perfect beach day.

Bindle Bottle

This type of water bottle is not only for filling with your favorite drink, but it is also vacuum insulated and and leak-proof to keep your drink at the right temperature. But the best thing about this water bottle is the secret compartment where you can store keys, your debit card, Airpods etc. can keep.

Durable sunglasses

Nowadays, there are not only ‘normal sunglasses’ but also durable sunglasses. These are glasses made from materials that can be reused or recycled.

A lot of time and attention is paid to the production process, so you get good quality glasses and you also contribute to a better world.

Five2One Eyewear is an eyewear brand that manufactures and sells such durable sunglasses. Glasses are made from PET bottles, which would otherwise end up in the ocean. Isn’t that a fantastic initiative?

Thermal phone pocket

We all know it: “You’re taking a nice beach selfie and suddenly you get a message saying “your phone is too hot” and your cell phone breaks down.” There’s a solution for that. There are thermal phone pockets where you can put your cell phone to protect it from the hot sun. And they are also water-repellent and floatable. A real must-have anyway?


Do you know the fear of having your things stolen on the beach? You only have to walk away once to see your child’s sand castle and hoppa, everything can be gone instantly. But, there is a solution for this too. A lockbox is a secure box that you can lock and put all your valuables in. For example, you can clip it to your beach chair and voilá, all your belongings are safely stored and you can go swimming with peace of mind.

Everything for a perfect beach day

So, now you know how to get through your beach day perfectly! Bring a bindle bottle as storage for your favorite drink and your keys/passes, put on sustainable sunglasses for a better world, put your cell phone in a thermal phone pouch while sunbathing and store all your valuables in a lockbox. Let’s go to the beach!