Duukies Beachsocks -Ultimate Protection for the Feet

Duukies Beachsocks-Ultimate Protection for Feet

Hot Sand, Ouch!, Shells, Ouch!, Sharp Stones, Ouch!, Jellyfish or Filth, Bah! With Duukies Beachsocks, Children No Longer Have To Worry About Their Feet Hurting, Getting Dirty or Slipping around the Pool. With these socks swimming is a lot safer.

Swimming in the lake, sea or pool

We live by the Lakes. There are a number of islands around our village. Some can only be reached by boat, but some can be reached by bike. On one of those islands they have made a real children’s beach.

Part of the water is blocked off and there is a fantastic wooden climbing frame. As soon as summer starts a bit, we are here on free afternoons and weekends.

Splinters from the climbing equipment

The boys sometimes tried to go into the water with water shoes. Ideal for the wooden climbing frame, but not for the muddy ground in the water. Every time one of them loses his shoes.

All that is history with these cool socks. Duukies Beach Socks are ideal for this. They fit like socks and give grip.

Not only does this help them climb on the climbing apparatus better, it also eliminates splinters in their feet. Also, they can now walk on the pebbles much easier without getting sore feet or ripping them open.

Advantage of the Beach Socks.

  • Perfect for swimming
  • The grip on the bottom prevents slipping in the pool
  • Easy to put on and take off by your child
  • Even when they are wet they can be put on again
  • UV SPF 50, so no chance of burnt feet.
  • Great in sand, sharp stones and shells
  • Don’t touch your feet with jellyfish and dirt anymore.
  • No more splinters in the feet because of the wooden play equipment.

What do the kids think of Duukies Beach Socks

I was allowed to review a pair of Duukies Beachsocks and chose the cool socks Max. When the package was delivered the youngest put them on and never took them off again. According to him they were great. He could easily put them on himself.

They did not irritate him and he found the color super cool. We haven’t been able to test them at the ponds yet, but in the shower they turned out to be very rigid and this is ideal against slips in swimming pools. Wet they go on and off very well. I like this myself.

Therefore, these socks will be used a lot this summer. On the puddles and in the vacations at the pool. I also like the fact that they are UV protective.

You can buy these Duuckies Beach Socks for €19.95. Got curious? Take a look on the site and go also protected in the sea.

The socks come in many different colors and patterns.