Nightwear- from pajamas to loungewear

Nightwear- from pajamas to loungewear, for every day

At nightwear you no longer think of a pajamas or nightdress only for ’ at night. Today’s nightwear can be worn in addition to bed, also during the day. Easy during a home working day, at the weekend on a lazy Sunday or ’ in the evening after showering.

Where can you find this nice loungewear?

Nightwear is no longer just to sleep in

Did you think about nightwear from those long night gowns that were knotted from neck to ankle, this is of course no longer the case. Of course you can still sleep well in a long nightdress if you want this. But the pajamas ’ s and night shirts are nowadays much more modern and really no longer just to sleep in.

The best loungewear

At Hunkemöller you will find the best loungewear. Pajamas ’ s where you can sit on the couch very well after showering after showering, but it is also ideal clothing for a lazy Sunday. This loungewear is not only super comfortable, it looks great and nice and warm and cozy!

To make the best combinations, you can buy pajamas and shirts separately at Hunkemöller.

This way you choose your own color and style.

  • You also wear your pajamas during the day, cozy and warm

Comfortable and warm

By the way, it is not only the nightwear that is so nice and warm and comfortable. The morning jackets and slippers for women also fit completely in the warm and comfy list at home. ’ Early in the morning is nothing better to put on a Duster over your pajamas or nightdress, especially now that it is a lot fresher again. And with warm slippers on your feet it is still great working from home.

Lazy Sunday

Maybe you still work a lot at home, but it may also be that you go to work again. But. Or are you perhaps busy with a study?

Then it is nice to dress on a lazy Sunday in a comfortable house suit.

But also during a relaxed Netflix evening on the couch it is nice to wear a warm, soft pajamas or lounge pack. And if it is colder, just pull a nice warm cardigan over it.

  • Nightwear that you can also wear during the day. Inside and outside

Working from home in your house suit

Even though we can do more, many have (re) discovered the home worker and the future may also want to work more at home. At home you naturally wear the Leest Comfortable Clothing and then Huuispak is ideal, but one with which you can be seen during video calling and not that they think you’re still in your pajamas. With the loungewear of Hunkemöller and besides that you see more and more people walking in LoungeWear during the day, that certainly does not have to be home alone.

A house suit can also be worn outside the door.

Dear to Wear

Although nightwear is no longer just for ’ at night and you see more and more people who wear a comfortable pajamas or house suit during the day, if you go to the street, people should of course not think that you are just getting out of bed. That’s why you wear your favorite loungewear outside with a cool jacket and sneakers. So don’t keep your pajamas just to sleep.

Choose a tasty fabric and hip colors and just wear them during the day, every day!

Photo ’ s Hunkemöller/ Free image of Tokapic via Pixabay/cooperation