8 reasons why reading aloud is so important

8 reasons why reading aloud is so important for a child

From today until February 1, it’s National Read Aloud Days. Many schools will pay attention to this. Very good, because reading aloud is important for children.

Read aloud

Do your children like to be read to?? And do you like to read aloud?? It is a fact that if parents read a lot themselves, children often adopt this example.

Not always, let me put that first. But good example often follows good, just as you as a parent can help your child learn, because how did you do this before new at can give you along?

To the library

Children and adults can of course go to the library to read books. For children this is free and if you consider that children are allowed to bring 10 books each time, a lot of reading can be done by children and adults alike. The Cats Warrior books are great books for children who are older and enjoy reading.

The National Reading Days

During the National Read Aloud Days the picture book Mopper duck by Joyce Dunbar with drawings by Petr Horáček takes center stage. The book also comes in a mini edition, the large edition has a cute little cuddly toy. The purpose of The National Read Aloud Days is to encourage reading aloud to children who cannot yet read themselves. That’s why there are fun activities around reading aloud all over the country, often based on the Picture Book of the Year.

At many nurseries and playgroups there is a Read-Aloud Breakfast where a special reader is invited, often a (local) celebrity. There is also a lot to do and experience in the Library.

Fun in reading through reading aloud

But why is reading aloud so important? I listed the reasons:

  • Reading aloud gives your child a head start on reading and learning skills, which will benefit them when they go to school.
  • Reading aloud is not only fun, it is also good to have this moment together for a while.
  • It can give structure to going to bed. It can be a sign to your child that it is time to go to bed, which can make this moment fun and enjoyable.
  • It stimulates the children’s imagination.
  • When you start reading to children early, they are more likely to pick up a book themselves and are more likely to read more later in life.
  • Reading aloud helps your child learn to hold his or her attention.
  • Be an example for your child. If you don’t read and read aloud a lot, your child will be less inclined to pick up a book. But if you do read, read aloud and encourage reading, your child will be much more likely to pick up a book on their own.
  • Maybe boring for you but read the same book more often. Through repetition, young children have something to hold on to.

Reading aloud makes you more fun: taken from Boekstart.nl

You read a lot?

National Read Aloud Days come back every year. Through the site and at the library you can find information about the book that is central and here you can often also get coloring sheets.