Back to school with

Back to school with

Even though it is still summer vacation, I am still going shopping for the upcoming school year Last year I was much too late and all the agendas’s and folders were already gone. The boys also needed a new backpack and found this one at and came here a lot more ‘back to school‘items against.

The vacations are not over yet

After three wonderful weeks of vacation, we are now three weeks at home. The boys are still going to sailing camp and the fair is still coming up. We will not get bored. What we will also be doing these weeks, is already making sure everything is in place for the upcoming school year.

Because the ‘Back to school’ items can already be found in abundance in the stores.

Agenda and folders to school

The boys are going to grades seven and six and that means that in addition to the folder that has been around for a couple of years, a diary has to be bought for both of them. In addition, of course, they need a pencil case. We have to take more to school, so we also need new backpacks.


Something I do every year during the vacations is try on the sneakers. Actually, every year they are too small, which is a shame, since they have only been worn indoors. Now the gym shoes of the eldest can be transferred to the youngest, which saves again.

Have you tried them on? Also for a folder and agenda I was in time this year, last year I was very late with this and again there was unfortunately little choice in 23 ring binders folders. But we succeeded and the boys are ready to ‘go back to school’ to go.

New backpack from

Both men needed a new backpack. These bags are used so intensively that they really needed replacing and this time I consciously looked for a bag in which the folders can be stored. Since the oldest now and then -in connection with gym class- has to go to school by bike. To then have to cycle with a loose folder, that’s not going to work.

At I found cool personalized backpacks that are big enough.

There is enough choice

There is a lot of choice in bags, but also in printing. The oldest chose a dark blue junior backpack big with a tiger and his name. The youngest for a light blue bag with dino and text.

Besides these two cool prints you can also choose among others: stars, whales, butterflies, sharks, really too much to mention. You can add your own text and choose from different colors of bags.

backpacks back to school

This bag goes to school

The boys are very excited about the bag, not only because it is unique, because of the print and their name on it. But also because of the wearing comfort. This backpack is made for kids and the boys say so. The bag fits nicely on their back and carries well.

Even if it includes a heavy folder and gym gear. The straps will not hurt their shoulders. Because of the bigger zippers they can open and close the bag themselves and inside there is a little pocket.

Ideal for the house and bike key. The backpacks are also lined, so they can safely carry a phone if necessary. I find the fabric of the bag of high quality.

I have become quite an expert in bags over the last few years and I am sure that, thanks to the good quality fabric and sturdy zippers, they will enjoy these bags for a long time. This backpack costs € 29.95.