Tips for Brewing the Perfect Cup of Tea

Tips for making the perfect cup of tea

Do You Like To Drink Tea? And what child of tea do you drink?? Loose Tea, Tea in Bags And Do You Make A Whole Pot Or Do You Drink Tea From A Glass.

Today a list of tips on how to make the perfect cup of tea. And a Discount Code for Flora Tea. You Know the Ones with the Tea Flowers!



What do you like to drink?

Are you a tea drinker, coffee drinker or do you drink water or soda all day long?? Do You Like Variety in Drinks and Flavors?? And if you like drinking tea, how do you drink it: in a teapot, glass, mosquito.

With Bags, Flowers or Loose Tea?

How to Make A Perfect Cup of Tea?

When you drink tea, you want the tastes to come out well, and the following tips will certainly do that:

Choose the Right Temperature for the Water

Different Teas Require Different Water Temperatures. For Green Tea, For Example, 70-75 Degrees Celsius Is The Right Temperature While White Tea Is Not tTea Tastes Best At A Temperature or 80-85 Degrees Celsius. The Temperature of Your Tea Water is very important for the taste of your tea.
When the water for your tea is not at the right temperature, the taste will not be optim Either. This is how B.V. White and Green Tea Always Taste Bitter When the Water is too hot.

Nowadays Most Kettles Allow You To Set The Desired Temperature.

Loose Tea, Tea Flower or Bag

What Kind Of Tea You Drink is Very Personal. Among Other Things, You Can Chose:

  • Loose Tea: Loose Tea Gives An Intense Flavor, This Tea Can Be Put in a Tea Infuser, in a Bag or in a Thermos Mug With a Sieve. : If you want art in your tea glass, choose a tea flower. The Taste of this Tea is very intense because you really taste the ingredients of the flower. Beautiful to pour when we have visitors again. The Bulb Goes Into A Glass And You See The Flower Come To Full Bloom.
  • Tea Bags. Tea Bags Are Easy. Choose for Pyramid Tea Bags Where the Taste of the Tea is much better than in a normal tea bag.

Steeping Tea

Making the Perfect Cup of Tea is Very Personal. How Long Do You Let Your Tea Steep? How Intense Do You Want The Taste of Your Tea??

On Tea Bags is Written How Long the Tea Should Be drawn, but It is also Pure What You Yourself Like And Find This Out Well. A Perfect Cup of Tea is a pleasure to drink!

Jour Tea interference

Tea is best stored airtight and dark. Preferably in a cool dry place. It will keep the Taste of Tea Longer.

To Store Your Loose Tea It is quite to Choose A Tin That Closes Well.

Drinking Your Tea

Do You Drink Tea From A Cup, A Mug or A Glass? Do you make a pot of tea or do you drink it from a thermos mosquito? Because Althegh you May Have Made A Perfect Cup of Tea, You also Want to Enjoy It Optimally.

A Tea Flower Naturally Looks Best in A Glass. A Thermos Mug is iDeal when you are on the road, but is also very good to use at home.

How Often Are You Too Busy With Work And Completing Forette Your Tea? A Thermos Mug Keeps It Hot For A Long Time.

The Flavors of Flora Tea

I was Already Introduced to the Tea Flowers of Flora Tea. I was very surprised about the taste, but also how beautiful it looked in a glass. Recently I was Sent Two New Flavors and Got to Try the Pyramid Tea Bags.

Besids Loose Tea I am a Big Fan of Pyramid Bags Because I can really appreciate the tea flavors.

Tea Flowers

The Tea Flowers Are Again A Feast in Your Glass. You have to imagine that when we may receive visitors again and you finish after a delicious dinner with a glass and a tea flower. Picture the Delighted Faces in Front of You.

Hot Water On The Sphere And In Your Glass Creates A True Work of Art. The Flavors of the Tea (This Time I Tasted Hearts Desire and Lavender Dream) Were Again Surprisingly Delicious. The Flavors Are Very Pure And Strong!

Pyramid bags

I am also Enthusiastic about the pyramid tea bags. In a pyramid tea bag the tea, always a bit bigger than in a normal tea bag and you can tast that in the tea. I Tasted the Flavors Peppermint and Lemon & Ginger.

The Peppermint Has A Lovely Fresh Taste and the Lemon & Ginger simply very good. I've had a lot of tea with ginger but can't remember the Taste Being So Full and Present. These flavors are really recruited!

lemon and ginger peppermint

Discount Code at Flora Tea

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Tea for Everyone

If you are a real tea drinker, then you already know how to make a perfect cup of tea, but who knows, you may see new flavors here again!