Plant holder for the garden (Father’s Day)

DIY Plant holder for the garden (Father's Day)

In the spring I always love to prepare the garden for summer. Everything nice and clean, tidy, new plants and flowers everywhere. However, I wanted something different from the standard flower pot with pansies, so I scrounged together some earthenware pots, did a round of the hardware store and made a plant holder for the garden.

I made it for myself but this is of course also super fun for Father's Day.

DIY Plant holder for the garden

As you may have understood, I like to tinker and make things. I get inspiration all around me and that's how I came up with the idea of making a plant holder for the garden. I scraped together some simple flower pots, got paint from the Action and a pole from the hardware store.

A nice DIY to make with your children or of course nice alone.

What do you need?

  • 6 to 8 earthenware pots with a hole in the bottom
  • a plastic planter
  • spray paint
  • potting soil
  • plants

How do you proceed?

First of all, make sure that your jars are clean and dry. If necessary, wipe them with white spirit or turpentine so that they are free of grease. This ensures that your paint covers better.

Place your jars upside down on a piece of plastic or cardboard so you don't stain your entire floor. Then spray all jars in the desired color. Here I used spray paint from the Action in a dark gray color. You can of course do this in any color that suits your garden.

It's even nice to do it with black chalkboard paint for Father's Day, for example, so your child can still draw on it nicely with chalk.

DIY; Plant holder for the garden

My jars required two coats of spray. Then let it dry thoroughly before continuing.

At the hardware store I bought a plastic plant stick of 120 cm. This has a diameter of one centimeter so that it fits exactly through the holes of the pots. I hit the plant stick about 40 cm into the ground with a hammer. This way it stands firmly and does not blow over.

Then I brought the largest jar down the stick first. I tilted it slightly and filled it with soil and a rock plant. Then I placed the next jar on top.

So make sure you don't buy your plants too big, otherwise the pots will crush the plants underneath.

DIY; Plant holder for the garden

You put each jar skewed on the previous one. This will give you a kind of zig-zag pattern. Your plants remain neatly free and it gives a nice effect.

When you are at the very top you have to check if your stick is not sticking out too far above the potty. Otherwise, smash it a little further into the ground. My little man helped me build and really enjoyed putting all the plants in the pots.

In the end, this is your result;

DIY; Plant holder for the garden

DIY; Plant holder for the garden

Always water plants that you have just planted well immediately. A rock plant does not need much, but a bedding plant should not become too dry. Good luck!

Do you like this now, but would you prefer something similar to the fence? Then view this DIY for a plant rack on the fence!

What do you think of our plant holder for the garden? Do you also like messing around in the garden??


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