How healthy habits can improve your life

How healthy habits can improve your life

Healthy habits, Which one do you have? And Have You Noticed That Once You Start These Habits, They Become Easier to Keep?? Since Today is the 2nd Anniversary of My Dietary Overhaul, I Thought it would be nice to see How these Healthy Habits Have Improved My Life Now.

Healthy Habits

What Are Healthy Habits? Of course you have lots of them and you certainly don’t have to stick to all of them to have a healthy bitch too. What Healthy Habits Can Be: Take A Walk Every day, Exercise, Eat Healthy, Start the Day with A Glass of Water, Drink Less Alcohol, Get Eight Hours or Sleep A Day.

I’m just mentioning a few examples, but of course there are so many more habits that affect your life in a healthy way and you probably alreamy have them in your day by default.

What I Do To Live A Healthier Life

Two years ago the switch gets onto on. Because of knee problems I couldn’t run anymore and I was too heavy in my opinion. My clothes did not fit well and I noticed that I was moving less and less.

I then read somewhere about carbohydrate restricted eating and started looking into this. This was a healthy habit that could definitely work for me, without actually having to change much for it, making it great to stick with as well.

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Start healthy habits

How I started, two years ago now. I started by looking for information and recipes. Bought more vegetables into the house, started eating less bread, pasta, rice and sugar and soon noticed that I was feeling fitter and fitter.

Now it’s not that I’m very strict, not at all, because that’s why I’ve kept it up for two years now. In the weekend I like to drink a glass of wine or beer and eat toast with it. Still, I have been at the same weight for over six months now, a weight I am very happy and satisfied with.

I have so much more energy, I really do it for that. But what tips do I have for you right now.

Want to change your habits?

Start with small steps. Don’t radically change your lifestyle right away (or you really need to be able to do this, but for many this is really too much). Find what you can change, choose something that suits you:

  • Walk at lunch or take a walk after dinner every evening.
  • Stop the sugar rich drinks, opt for water and tea.
  • Get enough sleep every day.
  • Turn off your cell phone half an hour before you go to sleep and do some reading.
  • Change your diet, eat a salad at lunchtime.
  • Choose unpolished rice or wholemeal pasta.
  • Don’t drink alcohol during the week.
  • Buy less unhealthy things.
  • Go shopping with a list.
  • Quit smoking.

Improve your health

You can improve your health in many ways. But every change will give you more energy, will make you feel better and will improve your life. Just give it a try.

And don’t let the first setback get you down. Try how you like a healthier lifestyle and you’ll see that if you like it you won’t want to do anything else.