School Rocks! Shoeby and Nicolette van Dam Rock collection

School Rocks! Shoeby and Nicolette van Dam Rock Collection

Today I attended the launch of the School Rocks Collection by Shoeby and Nicolette van Dam. After the sweet Candyland collection Nicolette van Dam designs this time a collection that is really rocky. And not only for girls, also us mothers have been thought of.

The fourth collection between Shoeby and Nicolette van Dam

Press Release: The School Rocks collection is already the fourth in a row of successful collaborations between Shoeby and Nicolette van Dam. “It is always a pleasure to work with Nicolette. She knows exactly what today’s young girls like. You can also see that when you follow her on Instagram.

The pleasure she has in dressing her own girls is reflected in the collection,” says Shoeby founder Mieke van Deursen. The new collection is really a little different from the other collections but you can still clearly recognize Nicolette’s handwriting. “I really wanted something with lightning bolts and the feel of tattoos but still in a girly way. It can be a bit more cool”, says Nicolette.

From this idea Nicolette and the stylists of Shoeby started drawing and from this came about this cool School Rocks collection. Because with the previous collections there was much demand for larger sizes, this collection is available up to size 152. Now even more beautiful, cute girls can walk around in Nicolette’s outfits.

Nicolettes Favorites!

The collection is so diverse that it is difficult to choose just one item. Yet Nicolette does secretly have a few favorite garments, such as the black leather-look jacket whose lining features a print with guitars, hearts and lightning bolts. “Such a cool jacket, it will probably fly out of the store,” Nicolette said. Furthermore, the dark grey skinny jeans with studs and the light pink sweater with the text ‘rock’ in pink gold are very special & roll’ favorite.

It gets even more fun because these items are now also available for moms: twinning is winning! When Nicolette asks her daughters which item they like best, the choice is quickly made. Lola goes with full conviction for the tattoo print dress and Kiki for the cool sweaterdress.

Combine with style

The collection is designed so that all items can be endlessly combined with each other. You can wear the bright pink sweater with the tattoo skirt or with the cool jeans. Leatherlook jacket on top and your little girl is the fashionista of the schoolyard.

Nicolette finds it important to try the collection on her own girls, so she can be sure that the items are comfortable and fit nicely. Are the materials soft, do the necks fit nicely, are the sleeves right? The details are small but very important. In addition, the girls can wear the collection well through. You can wear the skirt when the sun shines, but you can also combine it with tights when it gets colder.

And that goes for all the items.

school rocks

Give-away with every purchase of the School Rocks Collection

Of course a cool outfit like this needs a cool accessory. That is why Nicolette has designed an awesome tattoo line to turn your little girl into a real rock girl. Girls get these cool stick-on tattoos as a gift with the purchase of a set from the School Rocks collection.

Today was the launch of the School Rocks Collection

Today was the festive launch of the School Rocks collection at the Westerliefde in Amsterdam. The collection was presented for the first time. From now on the collection is also available in all 225 Shoeby stores and online.

The School Rocks collection is available from size 98/104 to 146/152. Besides the jeans, the leatherlook jacket and the rock & roll sweater also available in ladies sizes. The colors of the collection are fantastic The candy pink color is complemented by a bright pink raspberry variant and the ice creams make way for lightning bolts and electric guitars.

Let’s rock, girls!

school rocks

Shoeby and Nicolette van Dam

Shoeby is one of the fastest growing fashion companies in the Netherlands. What began on 70 m² in 1981 has grown over 35 years into an omnichannel formula with 225 stores and a webshop. At Shoeby everything revolves around the customer; a personal shopper is present in every store for perfect and personal style advice.

Exclusively available at Shoeby are: women’s label Eksept, men’s label Refill and for kids their own label Jill & MitchILL & MITCH.

Nicolette van Dam is a presenter, actress and mother of daughters Lola (7) and Kiki (4). With her brother Sebastiaan she runs Brasserie Van Dam in Amsterdam, she is an ambassador for UNICEF and the Nationale Postcode Loterij and one of the most popular women on social media in the Netherlands (Instagram: @nicolettevandam1). In October Nicolette can also be seen in the feature film ‘F*ck love’.