Drink less alcohol 5 Reasons to stick

Drink less alcohol. 5 Reasons to keep it up

Would you drink less alcohol? You hear it a lot in the new year, but don’t just let it be a good resolution. Make it a lifestyle.

And with drinking less alcohol, you don’t have to swear off alcohol completely, just reduce it. With these 5 reasons in mind, you will easily be able to keep it up.

New year new resolutions

Do you make New Year’s resolutions? Then drinking less alcohol is also a resolution you hear often. After all, Dry January.

But maybe it’s better to just do it, instead of giving it a name. After all, many good resolutions fail in the first weeks of January.

Drinking less alcohol can have many benefits for you and I’m not just talking about heavy drinkers, but maybe just those who have started drinking more in corona time.

Drinking less alcohol

Did the whole corona pandemic hit you so hard that you started eating or snacking more?? And have you started drinking more alcohol, too. Of course, this does not mean that everyone immediately becomes a heavy drinker, but even at home we have recently been drinking more wine in the evening than soda.

Very often, after another day of working from home, we thought we deserved a drink. But I want to change that and how good is it to start in January?.

Read these reasons to drink less alcohol

Of course, there are an awful lot of reasons to start drinking less alcohol, and I don’t mean that you should always be drunk. We were fine having one alcoholic drink a night, but that too is something you can want to get rid of and save it until the weekend. Because why is it wise to start drinking less alcohol:

You sleep better if you drink less alcohol

Perhaps the first reaction you notice when you drink less alcohol is that you sleep better. Alcohol often does make you fall asleep quickly, but if you wake up at night, you often don’t get back to sleep. You will find that by drinking less alcohol, you will sleep better and wake up rested in the morning

You feel fitter

When you drink less alcohol, you sleep better and you will feel fitter during the day. You’ll find you have more energy when you drink less.

Your skin will glow more

You will notice that when you drink less your skin looks better. Finally, alcohol causes body fluids to drain, which can leave you with dry, dull skin. If you stop drinking, after a few weeks you will notice that your skin glows.

You lose weight

Alcohol is an outright fattener, and not just because of the calories it contains. Alcohol needs to be broken down in your body and is prioritized in this in your metabolism, affecting other metabolic processes.

Exercise is better for you

Because alcohol interferes with muscle recovery, exercise has fewer positive effects in people who drink. When you stop drinking, you burn more calories after a workout AND have less stiffness and soreness after working out.

Why is it hard to stop drinking alcohol

Alcohol is mildly addictive after all; it gives that intoxication, which is exactly what we often find pleasurable. Also, your body ’s evening may just be asking for a drink. Just because you are so used to this (think also of sugar).

You can, of course, join Dry January and not drink for the entire month of January. That can be a choice, you can also choose to drink only on weekends, or on Fridays and Saturdays. It can be just one or two glasses.

First make a deal with yourself, do not drink during the week, but do not forbid it on the weekend either. You’ll find that you can stick to it better this way than not for a whole month

Non-alcoholic beverages

But what do you drink when you want to drink less alcohol. We agreed at home to stop drinking alcohol during the week. But what do we drink? After the amount of tea and water during the day we ’d like to drink a glass of tonic or ginger ale in the evening, just something fresh but not too sweet.

Do we have something to celebrate then we choose a Non Alcoholic drink from URB, Crodino or make and moctail from Fluère Raspberry and Tonic.

Festive and without alcohol.

Drink less alcohol

It is good for your body to drink less alcohol, you sleep better, are fitter, your skin glows more and you will feel better in general. Enough reason to give up that drink once in a while. We too started drinking more throughout the Corona period and tackled January to start drinking less.

This is not a resolution, but a lifestyle. During the week we don’t drink anymore and after a few weeks I can say, I really like this.

What I notice above all is that I sleep better and that drink, I don’t miss that at all ’s the evening. And on the weekend, I’ll enjoy my glass of wine extra.