What you need for a Vintage Bullet Journal

What do you need for a Vintage Bullet Journal

Do you want to start a Bullet Journal or have been around for years and are looking for inspiration? In this article I will show you what you need to make a vintage bullet journal. But also if you want to use a different theme in your Journal, I have enough tips here.

A Bullet Journal

Let's start at the beginning, because what exactly is a Bullet Journal?? A Bullet Journal is a diary, planner, notebook all in one. It's your book, you can turn it into a diary, use it to jot down lists, what Netflix movies you watched or what books you read.

But you can also write your ideas in it, your shopping list or your appointments.

A vintage Bullet Journal

I've had the idea of a vintage Bullet Journal for a long time and it finally took shape when I placed an order on the site of BulletJournalkopen. On this site you will find everything for Bullet Journal fans. From Journals, to stickers to stamps, washitape and so much more. Now I deliberately searched on vintage and found here a wide selection of products with which I can make a beautiful Journal. When I received the products I ordered, I wanted to start journaling right away.

But that comes later. I want to show you what you need for a Vintage Journal, in case you want to start one too.

Back to basics

Before I talk about what you can use for a vintage bullet journal, I'll make a note of what you can use at all when starting a Journal and if you want to read up on what journaling is exactly, you can do so here :

  • A Bullet Journal, notebook or notebook
  • Fineliners
  • pencil and eraser
  • stickers
  • glue
  • ruler
  • scissors
  • Washi-tape
  • Extra
    • Punching ( to make round corners for example)
    • A photo printer

    What all can you use if you want to make a vintage bullet journal

    What do I have with vintage? I like it very simple. I love bohemian and vintage and that combination made me want to go for a vintage themed journal for a change.

    I like the colors of vintage, the old, the fragile, the feeling of the past. What can you use here?

    A MUS Bullet Journal

    To journal you need a Journal. Today we are talking about the Bullet Journal, but this can also be a Junk Journal or a notebook. The Bullet journal is known for its bullets, or dots written on the pages. I have chosen a MUS Bullet Journal.

    Ideal for this are the thicker pages so they do not print through when you write or draw on them. Very nice is that there are ideas and tips at the front, this is fine if you are a beginner, but also if you have been journaling for much longer. The advantage is that these are loose in a booklet in the front and you can take them out.

    They do not cover the first pages of the journal.


    Stickers come in all shapes and sizes and if you choose the vintage style you will see a lot of green, pink and brown colors. You can never have enough of these. By the way, stickers with texts are really recommended for a Journal.

    Now I specifically chose vintage, but you can also choose on the site for example: holidays, seasons, love, food and drink and photography.


    Washi-tape is also something that every (Bullet) Journal fan has too much of in his or her drawer. You have these in different sizes. For my new journal I am going to use this wide roll of washi tape.

    This one is so beautiful and totally fits this style of vintage, but at the webshop of bulletjournalkopen, you will find much more choice of washi tape, not only in sizes but also here you will find different themes’s. Think letters and text, holidays, cities, plaid or cartoon.


    For the vintage look in my Bullet Journal I am going to use mostly the paper from a paper pad and craft paper. What is so nice about a paper pad is that they have more of the same pages’s. I like it because I can work with themes.

    Craft paper I recycle from paper bags or paper sachets.


    And this

    How you start and what you use is up to you. After all, it's your book. So you can first create an ‘about me’ page, you can set goals for that year, note what movies you watched and of course also create a monthly and weekly log. Inspiration can be found on Pinterest, but also on YouTube or Instagram. And also keep an eye on my site.

    In the coming time I will show you all the pages’s I create in my vintage Bullet Journal and how I use the above items in it.

    Follow my creativity also on YouTube and hear why I start a Bullet Journal again after a long time:​​