Shoeby and Fred van Leer Circus women’s collection

Shoeby and Fred van Leer: Circus women’s collection

Honored public! Get ready for already the fourth fall collection of Fred van Leer for Shoeby. “Life is a circus, and that’s what it is!”is the motto of Fred van Leer. The collection is thus, how could it be otherwise, under the sign of the circus!

Come and see!

More than children’s clothing at Shoeby

Last week I was at the launch of the new collection of Shoeby and Nicolette van Dam. The School Rocks collection. And actually I often associate Shoeby with girls’ clothing. Of course not. Besides children’s clothes, they have an extensive men’s and women’s collection.

And from Sunday, September 15, there is the new collection of Shoeby and Fred van Leer. A collection passed at the circus. How nice is that!

Life’s a circus, and that’s what it is

Press ReleaseI am proud to present my crazy new collection. With influences inspired by the tattoos I have on my arm. How cool is that!” says Fred cheerfully.

He now has more than 50 different tattoos on his body, including a circus monkey, a circus elephant and recently also a circus director. With the theme of circus in their heads, Fred and the stylists at Shoeby started drawing and from that came about this cool collection.”

A touch of circus

The collection represents the various iconic characters from the circus. This is how you see the circus director back in the double-breasted blazer dress. The satin pink blouse with the well-known Fred bow at the neck is a nod to the acrobat.

Again there is a nice animal print in the collection. This time no leopard but a cool tiger print, inspired by the tigers who used to perform on the slopes. “Tiger is always good! It’s timeless and goes with everything.

A statement is quickly made,” says Fred.

Fred’s Favorites

“My absolute favorite is the beautiful tiger print dress. Totally feminine but quickly becomes cool with a hiker boot,” says Fred. The dress is an absolute must-have because you can style it multiple ways.

Wear the dress closed with an elegant ankle boot and you’re ready for a party or wear the dress open on mom jeans and one of two statement T-shirts for a casual look. Another eye-catcher from the collection is the pink satin blouse. Very striking but stylish when combined with black flared pants. The cool accessories give the collection an edgy touch. Take for example the buckle belt in real leather with silver western details.

The belt looks great paired with a dress but is also nice paired with the light blue denim blouse and dark blue flared jeans. The bandana and tiger print scarf add a playful twist to your outfit. Tie the bandana nonchalantly around your neck or wear your hair in a messy bun and tie the bandana around that.

You can be as outrageous as you like. Life is a circus!

Stylish black and tiger print

The launch of this collection

The new collection will be available in all Shoeby stores from Sunday September 15

My favorite items

With the name Fred van Leer I actually expect busy prints and cheerful colors and besides that you see that in the new collection there are also quiet items. My favorites from the Circus collection are listed here: