4x What a Practical Kitchen Should Meet

4x Practical Kitchen Essentials

A nice, Practical Kitchen: Surely We All Want That? Which makes Sense, because the Kitchen is a place where you come and spend a lot of time every day. Think About Making Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Chances are you spend at Least an Hour a day in your Kitchen. So a nice layout with plenty of space is essential. In this blog you can read about the minimum requirements for a practical kitchen in our opinion.

1. Ample workspace

Workspace in your kitchen is essential. Nothing more annoying than not having a place to cut your veggies. So a free worktop is very important. The stove and sink already take up a lot of space, and you probably have a number of appliances that you want to put on your worktop. Think of an air fryer, a coffee machine and a kettle. They all take up space on your worktop, sometimes leaving you with little to spare. If you also don’t clean your dishwasher every day, leaving some dishes on the counter, it becomes even more of a problem.
So a spacious kitchen with lots of countertop is super practical. A U kitchen, for example, gives you a spacious kitchen with lots of worktop space. A U kitchen is also a great way to create a bar, if you have an open kitchen. That way you can use the inside of the kitchen as a work space and on the other side of the kitchen you can put bar stools so the kids can make and eat their breakfast there.

If a u kitchen does not fit, you can achieve more or less the same with a kitchen island. This also creates a lot of space and, if appropriate, you can put bar stools there as well.

2. Enough Cabinet Space

A Practical Kitchen Must Have Enough Cupboard Space. Many Kitchens No Longer Have Wall Units, Because It’s More Modern. But Trust Me, You’re Going To Miss That Closet Space Too If You Don’t Have A Spacious Kitchen. What You Want To Avoid is Having to Put All Your Stuff On The Countertop, Because You Simply Don’t Have Enough Cabinets To Store It In. So When Chosing Your Kitchen, Think About The Amount of Storage Space You Need.

3. The Hob

If you like Extensive Cooking, A Stove with at Least Five Burners is Recommended. In Luxury Kitchens, You Often See A Large Cooktop With The Extractor Built Into The Cooktop. So You Can Put All Your Pans On The Stove At The Same Time Without Getting Into A Mess. Whether You Choose Gas, Induction Or Electric Is Entirely Up To You, But Whatever Choice You Make, Think About How Many Burners You’ll Need.

4. Appliances

In Luxury Kitchens We Often See Many Appliances As Well. Think About A Steam Oven, A Combi Microwave and a Coffee Bean Machine. As Luxurious As That All Looks, also Consider What You Really Need. Because every appliance, you have to sacrifice space. If you like to prepare meals in the oven, it’s great to have two ovens/microwaves. How to avoid having to put meals in one after the other and not be able to serve them at the same time.