Skincare routine for winter

Skincare routine for winter

How to care for your skin in the fall and winter? Do you have a special skincare routine this time of year or do you do the same all year round?? And how can you keep your skin well-cared for when the weather turns colder??

Skincare in winter

Winter and autumn, some love this period of cold and wind and others don’t like it at all. For your skin, this period is often not so nice. Because of the cold and wind, you can suffer more from dry skin, chapped lips, sore dry hands or eczema.

Keep caring for your skin

Hand creams have been in short supply these past few months, which makes sense because washing and disinfecting your hands a lot just makes them dry and rough. But even the cold outside and the warmth inside when the heaters come back on can make your hands and skin extra dry. Lubrication is important.

But you can do more for good skincare!

How to take good care of your skin in winter?

  1. Take care of the humidity in your home.
  2. Apply hand cream to your hands several times a day.
  3. Take care of your face every day with day and night cream.
  4. Although it is often tempting, avoid long hot showers.
  5. Wear your gloves, small effort and much better for the skin on your hands (and nice and warm too).
  6. Use a lip balm.
  7. Drink good water, make sure your body gets enough fluids.
  8. Try not to turn the heater up too high, but put on an extra sweater.
  9. Use a body lotion and not just after showering, make sure your skin is well cared for.

My skincare routine

In the products I use in autumn and winter there is actually no different routine than in spring and summer. I use the same body lotion, hand cream and lip balm. I do use a lot more now. Whereas in summer I apply body lotion to my body once a day and cream to my hands, I use considerably more of it in winter. I love to apply body lotion in the morning and in the evening.

Finally, my skin feels much drier during the time when the heater is back on in the house.

Also less use

Are there things I now use less than before, yes. Since using a shampoo bar, I no longer use conditioner for my hair. With a shampoo bar, my hair no longer tangles and is easy to comb.

Also, it is no longer fluffy, something that otherwise always happened in the fall and winter, due to the cold and the heater in the house.