How I can’t live without my phone either

How I can’t live without my phone either

It was in 2011, I remember it very well. Together with my sister and our children we were in an indoor playground in America. Wherever I looked, I saw mothers working on their phones phone. ‘Surely this is not normal I thought at the time’.

And now six years later, I am also a mother.

Vacation without a phone

Going out without my phone, it happened to me regularly. Three week vacation offline. Great! No internet on the road, no problem!

Until a year ago, I didn’t understand all the fuss about phones. If I wanted to make a phone call I called from home. With the landline phone. And if I wasn’t reachable, I wasn’t reachable. Simple.

When I did take my phone, they didn’t have to send me a whats app, because I didn’t have internet on the road. I felt fine with this. But that’s changed! As time changes, so do I.

These days we no longer have a landline phone, the kids have cell phones and I also have a subscription that allows me to have internet all the time. So these days I too am always on!

The life of a blogger

But why this turnaround? Why am I suddenly so fond of my phone? Do I look like those ‘American moms of yesteryear in 2011’. And my phone goes everywhere with me?

I think I just kind of went along with the modern age. But blogging is also to blame. Since I blog more, I also want to read, share and comment more. Three weeks of radio silence is then almost impossible and -I speak out loud- I don’t want to anymore either. I just have to share a picture now and then, see what happened and write a blog.

Call me addicted, and maybe I am.

The latest gadgets

The brand of a phone or how it looked never interested me that much. But that too has changed recently. Recently I joined the Apple family. While I thought the man was crazy with his Mac Pro, a year later I had to admit that I had made a mistake with my laptop and also wanted a Mac. With my hard earned money I bought a MacBook Air and this has really been the purchase of the century.

How easy it is when you have an iPhone with this. I am converted and never want to do anything else.

Give me that iPhone X

Six years ago I looked in disbelief at other mothers. These days I am also anxiously awaiting the launch of the latest phones. And especially when the iPhone X was presented. What else can it do? Is it as beautiful as my iPhone now?

Of course I don’t need an iPhone X at all! After all, I have an excellent phone. But How I Understand Those People who Wait in Front of the Store Until They Can Buy It. Because Beinges Being Addicted to My Cell Phone, I also Belong To The Apple Fans These Days.

I have clearly gone from ‘ it does nothing for me ’ to a big macbook and iPhone lover. Why? Both Are Great! And Look Let Me Be Honest Right Now and Say That I Am Still Very Happy With My Phone. I don’t need a new phone yet, but when the time come for this one to be discontinued, I will be one of those who order the iPhone x.

That’s for sure!