A nice sitting area in the backyard

A nice sitting area in the backyard

By Linda – How lucky we are with the weather! The first summer days are already behind us and it is still only mid-June! Also in April and May we had beautiful days and so I started in April with redecorating our backyard.

You know, new flowers in and the grass neatly cut. Our sitting area with lounge sofa was dusted off again and the cushions brought out. And of course that same evening brought it inside again, because the weather is rather changeable here.

Carrying all the cushions of the lounge set outside and inside every day is quite a hassle. We have a large lounge set, which consists of a total of 14 cushions. And not the lightest cushions, you can safely say. Our lounge sofa is not under a canopy so that means the cushions have to go back inside every day.

I started looking at possible solutions, and fortunately there are some!


A porch

The easiest solution is a porch. We could install a porch without any problems. A porch is the same as a patio cover. An aluminum patio cover ensures that, when it rains, the patio does not get wet. Ideal of course to put the lounge set under there.

I’ve noticed with friends of ours that a porch also retains heat a bit longer. We can sit outside much longer than in our backyard. So that’s nice too.

And of course you can always put a heater under a porch if you want to sit out late in the summer or, of course, in the fall/winter.

From porch to garden room

Another great option is a garden room. A garden room is actually a porch that you extend with side walls and front walls. A garden room is closed on all sides. You can close the side walls with a sliding glass wall or a frame with a sliding door.

Garden rooms are of course ideal: you are protected from all weather conditions, making it always enjoyable to sit in your garden, despite the season. My dad has a garden room at home and I can tell you: it’s ideal! It is a lovely place to sit in spring and autumn when it is not yet warm outside. And in the winter he puts the heater on and it is also a very nice place.

On the hottest days in summer, it does get quite warm in the garden room, but of course that is unavoidable, since then even your house gets warmer.

So, one of these two options does seem ideal for our backyard. I like the idea that you can leave the outside seating area just as it is all summer long. And then of course you can really dress up your sitting area with a rug, for example.

Do you have a porch or garden room at home?

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