7 activities to do in the autumn holidays

7 activities to do in the spring break!

It is finally here again. The spring break. A vacation that many parents look forward to. Finally the starting signal for the beginning of spring again.

That means more outside and happier kids. And now that the corona measures have largely been lifted, there is much more to do. This can’t fail to be a fantastic vacation. But what if the weather doesn’t cooperate?

Or if you have no idea what to do with your children? We have collected 6 fun activities for you to do during the autumn holidays. From picking out toys to building tree houses.

Everything passes by. Read along and get inspired!

An old-fashioned games afternoon

Be honest. How often do you really sit down with the whole family to play board games these days? Probably almost never.

Playing board games is almost out of date. And that’s a pity, because board games make for fraternization. It is a fun activity for the whole family and really allows you to talk more and take time for each other.

An old-fashioned afternoon of games is therefore not only a very fun and enjoyable pastime, but also makes you grow closer to each other.

Painting with your hands and feet

Crafts, drawing and painting always do well with children. Maybe you’d rather not do it to avoid extra mess, but you should turn a blind eye to that right now. After all, painting in particular is a fun activity you can easily do with the whole family. It’s even more fun to make something special for once.

By using your hands and feet instead of paint brushes, for example. Also great fun for toddlers! This is guaranteed to produce a lot of giggles and the most unusual works of art.

Then finish off the afternoon with a nice shower or bath and the day is already complete. It can be that simple.

Visit a play forest

There are countless play forests in the Netherlands. These are forests where there are fun activities for children. For example, a gnome trail, but also various playground equipment, tree houses, fun hiding spots or water activities. Fun to romp around, expend their energy and then curl up on the couch with a cookie and a hot cup of chocolate.

Just make sure you put on old clothes, because they’re guaranteed to get dirty. With a bit of luck, the weather will be great and a day in the woods will be much appreciated.

Cooking or baking

There are many different children’s cookbooks available. Fun things to do with the whole family. Usually you don’t have much time to spend in the kitchen with your kids during the week.

No matter how much they want to help. Use the vacations to cook together. It’s also very educational. Weighing out different products, setting the time, cutting… all things that contribute to development.

And above all it’s great fun, of course!

Nice swim!

Swimming is a pleasure for almost every child. Luckily we are allowed again. Maybe they know the pool in your neighborhood so well that now it’s just fun to look a little further away. How about ‘t Berenbad in Oss??

This is a fantastic fun bath for small children and is guaranteed to provide a whole day of fun.

Please note that adults must show a valid QR code upon entry.

The indoor playground

If the weather is a bit disappointing? Then of course the indoor playground is always a great idea too. Probably not the place where you as parents like to be found, but still the place that is guaranteed to give you an afternoon of ‘rest’ during the crocus holiday. Headphones on, laptop along and you might even be able to do a little work in all the commotion.

Your kids? They will enjoy themselves! How to kill two birds with one stone.

To the cinema

Of course, when the weather is bad, there is much more to come up with. Especially now that almost everything is allowed again. How about a nice family movie in the cinema?

This is something that has probably been done far too little in the past two years.

Another tip for the Krokus holiday

Extra tip: Pathé cinemas often organize toddler afternoons for little ones. Here the sound is softer and it is less dark. Afterwards the kids get a diploma too.

Nice way to introduce your child to cinema.