Building A Tent From Branches with Stickets

DIY Building A Tent From Branches with Stickets

In Some Parts of the Country, Schools Are Now Having Their Last Week Before Summer Vacation. So Did My Little Man. Friday Starts The Vacation and So I Am Busy Gathering Ideas to Do With The Kids.

Building A Tent From Branches was Already Long time on our to-do list. So we got started and I think we'll be at it all vacation long.


DIY Building A Tent From Branches

We live next to a nice recreational area with woods where we spend QUITE A FEW HORS. At home we also have a very nice garden, so I thought it was time to bring the forest home. The Little Man and I Wanted to Build a Tent Out of Branches.

Of course you can do this just fine with some rope but i saw some at the web store family that I like more more.


Gegezond is a very nice store where I regularly buy things. This time I found the Sticklets. Sturdy construction rubber bands in various shapes and sizes to make something cool with sticks or branches. I had to have it!

My shopping basket was full within a few clicks and the next day I already had the Sticklets at home.

We could get started!

What you need?

  • branches in various lengths and thicknesses
  • Sticklets (or of course regular rope)
  • An old sheet or rug

How to proceed?

Together with the little man I first went into the forest to collect branches. The municipality always puts trimmed branches together in a pile at our place so that was nice and easy to find. We took some thick branches of about one and a half meters and some smaller ones.

DIY; Building a tent out of branches with Sticklets

At home we sorted the branches by length to see what we could do with them. We turned out to have enough branches to make a teepee.

Five long branches we tied together at the top with a few Sticklets. Then we made some transverse branches between the ‘uprights’ at the bottom. This makes sure the shape stays put and the teepee is more solid.

We connected all the branches with various Sticklets.

The little man was a great help and quickly figured out how to use the construction rubber bands himself.

DIY; Building a tent out of branches with Sticklets

DIY; Building a tent from branches with Sticklets

Because the Sticklets all have different shapes and thicknesses you can easily connect multiple branches together. It is really surprisingly sturdy because after a night of rain and wind the tent was still standing. Even while playing in the tent, sometimes a bit wild, the teepee remains well put together, so ideal.

Finally I Draped An Old Sheet Around It And The Real Camping Could Start. We built a small campfire from the leftover twigs and the gentleman told me exciting stories. A successful summer activity.

DIY; Building a tent from branches with Sticklets

Building a tent out of branches, have you ever done that before?


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